We are Valen & Jesper,  a multicultural couple travelling the world together for 7 years.

Valen is 31 y.o and Colombian born, she spent half of her life in Barcelona and have lived in 5 different countries. (speaks Catalán, Spanish an English fluently and can survive with Italian and German). She has worked as SEO consultant for international brands such as Delivery hero, Merqueo or Estrella Damm. Her education as a graphic designer and photographer are a great asset for a multidisciplinary project.

Jesper is 32 y.o German-born and in love with Scotland. He speaks German and English fluently and his Spanish skills are better year after year. As a social worker Jesper is the human part of the team, he loves to talk, discover and share human stories focusing on storytelling and real experiences. He is also a great chef and loves to embrace new flavours.

Un Poco de Sur is an outdoor, culture, adventure travel blog and our main project since 3 years ago. The site was born in 2012, the main language is Spanish but we also produce content in English and German.

We are digital nomads, we travel while working as digital nomads with our remote marketing agency Comando-T OÜ focused in SEO and SEM . Valen is also the managing director of Hispanic Travel Bloggers, an influencer marketing agency connecting spanish speaking brands with international travel blogs and spanish speaking blogs with international brands.



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Our visitors come from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and USA. A 55% of our readers are female and most of them are between 25 and 44 y.o, they look for advice to get out of the already known and look for off the beaten path destinations but also search for a new vision of the well-known destinations.

A 90% of our 55.000 monthly page views come from Google and we have more than 30.000 engaged followers in social media being our main channels Instagram and Facebook.

Our readers spend an average of 4 minutes on our site.

Our niche

Our readers come from (in %)

  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • USA
  • Argentina

And are (in %)

  • Female
  • Male

Active tourism, hiking and alternative paths

Independent Travellers
Looking for accommodation, tours and recommended activities out of the ordinary

Responsible Travellers
Responsible tourism, local voluntary programs, local experiences

Slow travellers
Embarking on a long-term trip or spending time over average in the destinations.

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