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10 things you can’t forget if you travel as a backpacker

1- A rope:

Yap, it might sound to simple but a rope can help you out in your struggling. We bought a 40 meter long rope and we used it for EVERYTHING, hanging cloths, showering, fishing, fixing the tent and some other emergency situations. We also had with us a couple of this slastic ropes with hangers on the extremes, also really useful.

2- A big marker (or two):

Specially if you plan to Hitchhike, crafting signs will be easier and handier than ever! (and, visible from far!)

3- Water purification tablets:

No, it’s not the best option (I mean, not the first should cross your mind) but in case you have no fire to boil it and you run out of water you will be more than happy to carry them. They are small, chip and can save you.

4- Ziplock plastic bags:

Bolsas ziplocOn every colour and shape! But eh, the real Ziplock, the ones with the ZIP. Thanks to this bags we manage to cross an overflowing river with our reflex and most important documents safe and sound. not a single drop of water touched them. Bring small size ones for small electronics and documents, middle size for food, leftovers, opened pasta or rice packages and big ones for things like a laptop or even shoes.  I will never leave my house without tons of them ever, light, small and fantastic.

5 – A head lamp

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive and professional you find. Mine was worth a pound and had clock batteries, super small and light, could fit on my pants pockets (it didn’t even had a off/on button!) Jesper’s was bigger and also more annoying (and bright..) We use them everyday, handing them on the inner tent to have some light at night, in a white plastic bag for a romantic atmosphere while eating… (lol).

6- Money bag

Travel money bag
We didn’t carry much money with as in cash but, if you wan’t to have nice prices in Argentina you better carry some dollars with you. We bought this one on the internet for less than 2 euros (one each) and had them always with us, under the shirt or attached to my leg under the pants. I had it even when I was sleeping. Also useful to carry your ID’s or other important documents.

7- Tape

The big one, to close moving boxes. you won’t need a full roll but will also help you along the road.

8- Utility knife

This is common sense but, just in case please, don’t forget yours. Try to have one of this ones with scissors and a can opener, maybe the ones that have thongs or a small screwdriver.

9- A lock

In some hostels you can leave your stuff on a locker but… They have no lock, so you better carry one. sometimes we also use them to lock the bags when we left them somewhere, this won’t avoid any robbery but at least, if its not broken or your backpack stripped you are certain no one opened it.

10- Wet wipes & Toilet paper!

Wet wipes will give you a small (but awesome) fresh feeling if you didn’t had the chance to get “clean”, not only if you don’t shoer… Imagine a dusty day on the road or… sticky hands. Toilet paper on the other hand it’s totally necessary, take a roll and replace it whenever is coming to an end (from a bus station or whenever you can) but always carry some with you.

And you? What you can’t forget to put on your backpack?

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