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There are two ways to obtain an Iranian visa but here we are just going to talk about the shiny new and easy Visa on Arrival.

Remember if you are a USA, UK or Canadian citizen you can not obtain a visa unless you have a tour booked for your whole stay.

Getting the visa on arrival is an easy process and should take you between 30 minutes and 3 hours (if you are unlucky) so take this time into consideration if you are going through the process.

What do you need for the Iranian visa on arrival?

As soon as you land in Iran you will be headed to the visa department, no luggage can be picked before so make sure you have with you everything you might need.

Bring with you a copy of your insurance if you have one (remember this is the best travel insurance we have found) ask your insurance company to clearly specify they are valid for the Islamic Republic or Iran to be sure they will accept it.

Bring with you between 50 and 100 euros, this will be the price of your visa (it variates depending on who is on the counter, really) for us the price was 75€ per person. Also, remember if you don’t have an insurance or your insurance turns out not to be valid they will make you purchase one for 15€ and there is also a 3€ charge for we don`t know yet what.

Steps to get the visa on arrival

When you land you will be headed to a corridor, on your right you will have the baggage claim, go straight (remember, no luggage until the visa is ok).

Frist thing you will need is to get a stamp on your insurance paper or get an insurance if it’s the case, you will find a tiny window on the right hand.

With that paper and your passport go ahead and talk to the visa guys, they will give you a yellow paper with the amount you will need to pay and also a short form. There is just one form per group so if you are 5 people you will need just one form.

Looking at the visa window on the left you will have the place to make the payment, there they will add the mysterious 3€ and give you the bill.

Fill up the form and add your hotel address, you can make a booking for the first night or try to be lucky and put a random one (that’s what we did and there was no issue) but remember, they can always call to prove it. We landed at 3 am so I guess that also give us a point.

Give all the docs to the visa guys, no, you don’t need a picture (they take the one on your passport) and no, you won’t need to be covered on it.

Now, wait and wait until your passport is done and go back where you saw the baggage claim (don’t go out the way in front of the visa window or you will have to do the whole round).

You are free to go 🙂

Important details

Price: 50 to 100€ per person
Waiting time: 30m to 3h
Duration time: 30 days, you can get an extension for an extra 15 days.

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