Travel preparation

Visa on Arrival Iran

Visa on Arrival for Iran (VOA) step by step guide

There are two ways to obtain an Iranian visa but here we are just going to talk about the shiny new and easy Visa on Arrival. Remember if you are a USA,…

Acampando ruta 3

How to hitchhike the route 3

When we thought about hitchhiking as our main way to move I did not had in my mind the real distance to reach Ushuaia from Buenos Aires, it’s actually funny when you…

Mochileros en Cabo de la vela

Guide: Backpacking budget for Colombia

You really can't miss Colombia, as we trully say the only danger is you wanting to stay. And even if it was the country we stayed the longest was also the country…
Ruta alternativa a Machu picchu

10 things you can’t forget in your backpack

10 things you can’t forget if you travel as a backpacker 1- A rope: Yap, it might sound to simple but a rope can help you out in your struggling. We bought…

Quebrada humahuaca

Guide: Backpacking Argentina

We were in Argentina a total amount of 31 days and the first thing I have to say is… Was not enough. Argentina is a MASSIVE country, with tons of places to…

Backpacker south america

Backpacking south america – The budget

Loads of people have arrive lately to the page searching for THE budget. Also, lately I’ve been listening some of my friends and their excuses to don’t do what they really want:…

The 7 best travel apps

There are some apps that go with us wherever we move and, to be honest, are incredible helpful. The following list is a personal opinion on our most recommended apps carry with…

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