We were robbed,
We were robbed 500€

Yes, indeed, that happened and we decided not to say anything until now, mainly because it’s been a long time since we got over it and also because we didn’t want to worry anyone for something as simple as some.

It happened during the first week of our trip through Asia, yap, the first. And it was a pain in the ass to be fair, but luckily it was nothing but money, a silly theft, one of those in the manuals, nothing dangerous.

How did we got robbed?

Well, during our third night after having an awesome day in which we believed that everyone was good and wonderful (because everyone seemed to be in these parts of the world), Jesper went out at night to buy vegetables to our usual shop Hamid’s,he is the good man that appear in the pictures kissing Jesper, a lovely due.

On the way back a cop stopped him and asked for the documentation, Jesper gave them to him still in the middle of his roses and unicorns world. After that, he asked him to check his tiny bag for drugs.

Let me make here a couple of small clarifications:

  1. As the law is so strict in here Jesper did not see anything weird on it.
  2. As my friend here is German, everyone who wears a uniform has supreme power over them, It’s something unconscious they grow up with.
  3. As life seem to be wonderful he never had a bad thought of what was happening

It’s important to understand this as I could have happened to ANYONE

Now, when “the cop” gave him the papers back he had already taken the money, which he still had in a pocket back from the bag, In fact, Jesper Saw him with the money, the cop gave a look, and “put it back” but that actually never happened and when Jesper realized it was way too late. He tried to chase him without success.

What did Jesper do with 500 € in the “bag”?

Being honest, nothing particular, the thing is that in case you didn’t know (if you still don`t then go to Things you should know before travelling to Iran) in Iran you can only carry cash, cards are useless, nor to pay not to take money, so we on the third day we still had all our 50 € notes around, in an oversight and oblivion, we forgot to get those 500 € out there (luckily we had the money split into three parts) .

After this episode the worst realization came later, we didn’t have enough money to finish our 45 days stay in the country. In any case, let’s go back to where we left it..

Ok, what happened then..

Jesper came back to the hostel mad like I’ve never seen him, he was hating the world and himself for falling for such a simple trick. Me on the other hand, as I am Colombian, the only thing I could think is that it was a good luck that it was only 500 € and not a knife or something worse, because from the moment he came yelling to the moment I actually got the full history all kind of macabre scenarios passed through my head.

So after the first rush, we calmly counted the money we had left and tried to calm down. By then the police had arrived at the hostel and we started filling out a form in Farsi for about an hour with the help of the owner, the thing ended up there…

Well no…

The following days became a procession in police offices, which gave foot to another few crazy things that certainly made our visit to the city something even more special, among them have met the most worthy Bollywood police in history (really, the only thing I could imagine was that I was on a TV series when we were going to see him, I wish I could have stolen a picture).

We also ended up in a round of facial recognition (which obviously wasn’t going anywhere), meet a lovely guy with a store of chemicals and gadgets for laboratories in the city center (he helped us in the police the first time we were) in which the biggest product success was glass pipes for smoking crack, something that we obviously didn’t know and found out after seeing how tubes were sold as if there was no tomorrow plus, by mistake and following Google Maps, we ended up the most creepy street in the world full of junkies (too high to be dangerous luckily) one day wanting to shorten the way to visit him.

Come on, the thing was entertaining and gave for a lot of funny moments. In any case, we continued our trip and 15 months later we were in the Philippines sunbathing, so the world was not over and we stop punishing ourselves after a few days.

So walk very attentive with money and fake cops because it could have been here like anywhere else.

As a fun fact, Jesper returned from his visit to the grocery shop with 3 Eggs, two of them broken after the persecution. What a fucking expensive egg.


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