Maybe you have been here already a while or is your first time and you got curious… In any case here we are to tell you a little bit more about what we were, what we are and what we want to be.

Sobre nosotros

I’m Valen, the one writing this small text and I travel with Jesper, the sexy guy in the pictures and also my life partner (I know, lucky me).
I was born in Colombia 29 years ago and life and time made me also Spanish (in my heart and on my passport), I’m and the technical side of this blog, I am the numbers, the plans and the budgets.

Jesper is german and he is already 30 y.o, he is the human part of this blog, he cooks like a God, talks to everyone -even withoyt saying a word- has an infinite patience, loves to work with wood and “Habla egpañol sin accento” (you can read it with a really hard german accent).

How did a Colombian-Spanish girl and a German guy together?

Good question… Life puts us on the way and we met working in a Christmas market in Edinburgh (this beautiful city was also our home for a couple of years).

Since then we share life, travels, adventures )and misadventures) we lauhg a lot, we cry sometimes, we move all we can and on top of everything we put up each other.

When the stress is bigger we insult each other in our mother tongue… of course this makes our conversation hilarious and when words get stuck we invent one or asume things like “Garbanzos” or “Treppen” are universal words, because thats the way we gave them and they will remain like that till the end of times.

6 months after meeting for the first time we decided to leave on a 6 month trip through South america, since then we have travel together to many different places. Recently our base is Berlin, but soon we will fly again and start a new long route through Asia without return ticket

Humahuaca mochileros
Humahuaca mochileros
A dedo carretera austral
Mochileros en Canoa
How much do you spend?

Whatever we have, when we have a lot we do spend a lot, when we have to move on a budget we also do so. We care more about the way than the destination itself, most of the times magic happens on the way and the best discoveries and hidden treasures are unexpected.

How can you travel that much?

We travel slow, we enjoy the road, the little villages, the lakes, the nature, walking, kayaking, bicycling. If you travel slow you spend less and you also have time to figure out what to do without having to rush. We are flexible.

And how do you earn money?

We work and travel, we have our own clients in our small Marketing and design agency. Some of our clients are on a monthly basis and we carry on beautiful projects with them, some of them are just punctual and need some specific help.

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