You really can’t miss Colombia, as we trully say the only danger is you wanting to stay. And even if it was the country we stayed the longest was also the country we skipped the most. Colombia is an incredible and huge country full or welcoming people. It was hard to say no to many plans and alternatives because of the time, so as usual, if you want a proper experience, stay as long as possible.

We spent all about 50 days backpacking in Colombia and our sfinal day budget was 53.000 COP per couple (22USD) or 26.000 COP (11 USD) per person. As you know the exchange fluctuation can make this equivalences change so that’s why you get the amount in both currencies.

If you want to check more to detail all the 6 month Southamerican trip budget you can do so here.

Please keep in mind we count with alot of family and friends in Colombia which made our stay much easier and cheaper than should be. This budget could increase until you want if you plan to have more confort.

Mochileros en guatape

How to get there, what do you need?

If yot haven’t got your flight yet I recommend Skyscanner, as usual, best meta search to find really amazingly cheap flights. Ours were 500€ return from Madrid. If you are flexible don’t search only for flights to the straight cities you want to reach, in Europe for instance, is easy and cheap to move from one capital city to the other so make as many combinations as you can in order to find your bargain.

As an European citizen you won’t need a visa to enter the country and you will have 90 days to move around but if you still have questions regarding the visa situation please visit VISAHQ , here they will let you know if you require any other paper with basic information.

To enter Colombia you won’t need any special vaccination, if you like to renovate the old ones is always recommended but not necessary. You only will need malaria pills if you are going to the jungle, and when I mean jungle I mean real jungle. Keep in mind the secondary effects of the pills.

Palomino, Colombia

Backpacker Budget for Colombia:

Budget is shown in USD but as we mentioned before best is to take also the local currency in to consideration to avoid surprises.

Colombia was one of the most expensive countries in the area but now with the dollar price could easier for many travellers. Keep an eye at the exchange rates and never change money at the banks since they will give you the “official exchange” the difference is not big but it’s worth it.


Por persona y día.


Por persona y día en Alojamiento
*Atención dormimos en muchas casas ajenas, leer más abajo


Por persona y día en comida


Por persona y día en transporte.


Por persona y día en turismo.


Por persona y día en otros.


We stayed at my friend’s houses so we save a ot of money on accommodation. If you give a look to the final budget table, we spent a total of 165$ on accommodation, in 50 DAYS! that’s actually an average od 3$ per day FOR BOTH.

We also used the tent in the coast many nights.

Tip!: Stay away from the Lonely Planet, is bullshit. Most of the places lidted there are way to expensive. Don’t worry, there are many cheaper places that don’t appear in this sort of guides most of them focused in local tourism. For example in Pasto there are tons of acommodation options close to the bus satation.

Don’t let anyone bring you (or you will have to pay comission), just walkt the town and ask in every place.

Mi hermosa abuela


Same as accommodation, our friends fed us all the damn time -and that was amazing- my grandma decided we needed to earn back all the kilos we lost on the way. Even then, food is our biggest expense -amazing eh!?- and about a million pesos was gone only in food (about 365$ then) this makes an average of 3,6 dollars per day per person.

Remember we usually cook and eat in the street, we love market food -truly- and we are not the restaurant type, so if you want to have this you will have to consider a way bigger budget.



In Colombia we had no time to hitchhike, we tried a couple of times and gave up pretty fast, this was because we wanted to reach many places and speed was a problem but we knew many hitchhikers on the way. Almost 900.000 pesos were spent on transportation (about 310$ then) that’s around 3,1$ per day per person.

Transportation prices are way more affordable in the south, before reaching Cali. Once you pass that line prices rise to the double or more. Colombia is actually the country with the highest gas cost in the area and therefore, the bus tickets.

Tip! Prices are “closed” it’s not so easy to bargain as it is in other south american countries but you still can try. They are hard tho and actually you have to be willing to just walk away empty handed, but, we did it in some occasions and it worked (it took us a while).

If you are covering really long distances with a look to the low cost airline Viva Colombia, it works just as the European ones -such as ryanair- and you have to travel light, but still, has really competitive prices for internal flights, recently they also opened some international ones. It’s worth it because of the time you save, we flight a couple of times for 20$ each.

Mochileros en Cabo de la vela


As usual we are not the kind of people that does a lot of “tourism” we only spend 49.000 pesos in 50 days (20$ then). We saved a lot of money since we got in to the Tayrona park for free. We honestly recommend you to pay it since it’s a fucking odyssey, we did it since we lost our wallet on the bus with the money for the last days.

Many museums are free on sundays.

When to travel to Colombia

It’s always a good moment to travel to Colombia, remember temperatures go with the high so it’s going to be always hot at the costs and always cold up to the mountains, places like Bogotá are 2,600 m high. High season for tourism is usually around July-August and christmas that means prices rise. Rainy season is around march.

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