Guide: How to move and what to do in Helsinki in 2 days

It’s time to continue with the guides of European cities which we have been visiting over the last few months, Helsinki has been one of them and we could not forget the…

Finland: Oulu and Syöte, snow at its purest shape

We arrived in Oulu after a short plane from Helsinki, the route can be made both by car and public transport but we did not have time to lose, the ministry of…

Bolonia mochileros

City guide: What to do in Bologna in 3 days.

Our days in Bologna and around the Emilia-Romagna region were incredible, being honest we never imagined we would fell in love with one of the most “unknown cities” in Italy. We put…

Barcelona Puerto olimpico

Alternative things to do in Barcelona

Are you thinking about visiting this beautiful city but you don’t have many days or idea what to do? Well, let me give you some local advice. Keep in mind here you…

The Saxon Switzerland national park

After walking along Die Bastie and enjoy the amazing landscape we decided to stay longer and explore the area a little bit more. We recommend you stay AT LEAST 2 nights and…

Die Bastei and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Only 30 km way from Dresden and about 230km from Berlin we can enjoy the Saxon Switzerland,  the last territory before the border with the Czech Republic is full of beautiful landscapes…

North Bewerick

What to do in Edinburgh… for FREE!

We are the kind of travellers that love to walk and wander around the cities and places we go. Not big fans of super touristic things (usually expensive) if it’s not truly…

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