We love to receive messages, but as time passes there is more a more people coneacting us searching for advice or simply to tell us about their lives.

We love it, really.

Our email is open to anyone, but please be patient, we read them all and try to reply to all of them but sometimes life gets on the way and we might forget, if that happens don’t be afraid to follow up.

If you want to write to us please take also some time to know us and use your cards wisely.


Use Google and common sense

We are here to tell you about our experiences and travels, you will see a lot of useful information to plan yours in this site but please, PLEASE, do not waste your time or ours with questions you can find on google or even in this same blog. Stuff like “Do I need a visa to travel to Chile?” is not a question we will spend time on replying because that’s not being curious, that’s just being lazy.

Write to us with some love

We are people, just like you, we are behind the screen reading and replying to your messages so please, take your time to write more than a two-line email, Do you know our name? if you want to know us you can do it here.

All these details count, and we are grateful, we promise to do the same with our reply.


Ask like you want an aswer

If you want to ask about a country or an experience or something has not a simple and fast reply on google then try to make it to the point, things like “what do you think about Iran” or “What should I visit in Iran” are questions way too wide to make it possible, we could write a book about it. In fact, we wrote about 20 articles about it!. Something like “What do you think about Iran regime” would be more like a question to answer.


Are you a company and you want to offer us to collaborate with you?

You can find all the information about this blog here, keep in mind we do not recommend any product we haven’t tried yet (and we actually like it), and we do not tend to accept content is not ours.

Ready?  Let’s go then!

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