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We loved Bogotá, and myself as bogotan born had a small image of what could I expect from the city but, to be honest, after 13 years everything was shiny new.  Jesper had the curiosity to see and find my first steps in life and I was worried about remembering. It was an interesting experience for both of us and we decided to stay a few more days than usual, first to be with the family and then to explore on our own.

La Candelaria

La Candelaria is the historical centre of the city and the colonial side, it’s by far the most touristic quarter but also the most beautiful. The years have changed this part of the city so much, when I was a child this used to be a every week visit since the university where my father worked was on top of it. By then, this area had its own character, full of theatre and art, Today is also a centre of art movements and has a beautiful urban culture.

We loved to walk around and get lost on the narrow sterts full of colour. The history is also an important part of this area since is the most connected with the colonial times. Everything in one place.

Do not miss “El Chorro de Quevedo” which is believed to be the place where Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, a 6th of August of 1538 founded the city known today as Bogotá


Montserrate is another touristic spots but it’s also worth the time. the highest mountaint around the city give you an incredible view of the Colombian capital. Remember Bogotá is already more than 2600 m high, Monserrate will put you up to 3200.

It’s also a well known sanctuary if you are interested in churches and everytime more and more a cultural centre where you can find local and live musicians and all kind of shows.

To go up there are three ways: 
The classic one, via stairs.
With the “funicular” from 1929
Or using the “Teleférico”

If you don`t have much time don’t pick the stairs, if you have no money keep in mind the stairs will be free but you need to be in shape to make it to the top 🙂
To take the funicular or teleférico the cheapest day is Sunday (10.000 COP) return ticket.

If you are curious about the prices just give a look here

Paloquemao Market

Paloquemao is the most important market square in the city since 1927. If you want to try out all kind of tropical fruits and food this is the place to be. So far is my favourite place, full of colour, flavour and life.

If you goo to the market go hungry and open minded, Paloquemao is he most human side of Bogotá.

Just to point out “Paloquemao” means “Burned stick”

Mecado de paloquemaoFoto de Mateo cavalier

Gold Museum

I remember my first visit to this place when I was about 10 y.o, it was a special memory for me so I wanted to give it a try.

To start the price is hilarious, incredible cheap, only 3000 per person and on Sundays is absolutely free, check the opening times and updated prices here

 I spent bout 2 hours just walking around and admiring the figures, it was a pretty emotive moment to me to go 13 years back in time. I don’t think it’s a “must go” visit but if you have spare time it’ worth it for sure and you will have the chance to get more in to the country’s history.


Graffiti tour

Actually more than a tour I just recommend to walk around and get lost, the city has lovely and amazing pieces of art all around. Jesper loves graffiti so Bogotá touched a special place in his heart, each street has a piece to be discovered, there is colour all around.

If you don’t want to wonder and go with something more scheduled you can reach the guys from Bogotá Graffiti, they do a free tour -payment as you like at the end- and you can requested in Spanish, English or German.

When and where:

Two times a day once at 10 am and another one at 2 pm
“Parque de Los Periodistas”, Transmilenio station: Las Aguas en La Candelaria.
Next to the Simón Bolívar monument.

The tour starts where it finishes and has a duration of 2:30 hours.

To get your time the best to do is reach the guys at their contact form and they will let you know if there is enough people to do the tour. You can do it at  Bogota Graffiti

Botanic Garden

A huge green area with more than 19 hectares where you will find represented all kind of diversity from this country, one of the most diverse in the planet. You will have the chance to see all kind of ecosystems and habitats.

If you love nature you can walk around as much as you want for only 3000 COP each, if you don’t want to rush I recommend at least 2 hours inside the garden. If you want to have the opening times updated give a look to their official site here

Adress: Avenida Calle 63 No. 68-95 (Salitre)
Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Last call to enter is at 4 pm.
Prices: Adults 2.700 COP, Kids from 4 to 12 y.o  1.400 COP, Under 3 y.o and over 60 y.o free entry.

Here is a video that shows this beautiful city the way she deserves it:

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