What’s the best travel insurance? World Nomads alternatives


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This guide is pretty extense but is made with loads of love and got a lot of recent attention. I imagined no one would like to get all this information at once but against all the odds every day we get plenty of messages and questions regarding travel insurances and it has become one of our main subjects in this blog.

Remember, if you like this guide and you find it useful you can help us out using our links (in orange) with no cost to you, if you speak Spanish please head to the Spanish version of this post as for the Spanish speaking market there are more options with some price discounts too.

FIRST, we will explain everything you need to ask yourself before getting a travel insurance and why we always say there is NO perfect travel insurance, therefore all the ones selling you “THE BEST TRAVEL INSURANCE” and just mentioned one option are most likely lying. Every destination and every traveller is different and so are their needs, so keep an eye open to be able to identify yours and make a choice based on them.

This guide gets an update every month since thankfully some insurances keep on improving their services and prices.


We would like to clarify that all we recommend and mention here we do it knowing what we are talking about, we always try to mention their strong and weak points as everything in this blog. If you decide for any of the travel insurances mentioned here you would help us a lot using our links, this way we will get a small comition but your price will not be affected (you even have some discounts in some cases). WE NEVER recommend anything based on its comission and there is no exclusivity agreement molding our opinion.


If you want to save some time and you know more or less what you need then use the following links , we recommend you reading step by step since we know for sure there will be some info you did not have and it’s an important desition to make.



There are some offers and discounts (again, if you are a Spanish speaker head here, you will find more). 

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Travelling without travel insurance

One of the main questions we get is “Do I need travel insurance?” Sure you don’t, I mean, most of the stuff you own you don’t need either, but that does not make it a good idea. It might sound boring but we will always recommend you to travel with travel insurance, as basic as it could be. Truth be told travel insurances are not so much for your flu on the other side of the world but in case something REALLY bad happens, like for instance, an accident.

I’m not going to lie, our first short trips we made them without travel insurance, but it was not after we encountered a couple of classes (close cases) that we decided we would never do that again. I know a friend who’s girlfriend fell from a balcony in Barcelona and had severe brain damage (it was awful). Only to cover the first operations her family had to raise 30.000€ from family and friends and then the recovery was totally on her own, she was from the US. It was really hard to witness, the family did anything they could including crowdfunding to cover the expenses and honestly I do not wish it to anyone.

Then… Jesper’s family knows the family of a german guy that died while on a trip, they had to sell their house to pay for the body repatriation and other expenses and I imagine the last thing this guy wanted to leave his family with was debt on top of the grief.

I know, it all sounds overly dramatic, the ideal is that nothing happens and there is where travel insurances make their business, but it can happen and the last thing you want is getting something worse of something already pretty bad. So please, if you don’t do it for yourself do it for your family.

Thankfully nowadays travel insurances are super complete and offer all kinds of services to help you out when abroad (like baggage claims, lost documents, etc…), so at the end is a commodity and after all these years travelling they have made our life easier in plenty of occasions.


What’s the best travel insurance, World Nomads alternatives

As said before, there is not a simple answer to that question. We have tried SEVERAL. Thankfully we never had a bad experience with any of them but we always wanted to test their services and check them out.

For our first long trip, we travelled with Worldwide Insurance, then we moved on a year covered with True Traveller. Then we moved on to Chapka for another year and currently, we are travelling with a Spanish company that does not offer services in English so it will be out of this comparative.

We will add to this comparative  other travel insurances we have never tried but seen a lot all over the web, one of them, is the well known World Nomads. We will exclude Worldwide Insurance since its coverage and prices can not compete with any of the other ones mentioned here.


Which travel insurance is best for me?

There is a series of questions you will need to ask first in order to get close to an answer:

  1. Are you an European citizen?
    No worries if not, we have options for you
  2. Do you travel with photo and electronic equipment
    Most insurances only cover a small part of the equipment so we will show you which ones will be your best choice
  3. Do you have any preexistent medical condition?
    If you suffer from diabetes or other preexisting medical condition having an insurance that covers you fully might be tricky, give a look to the options.
  4. Are you already travelling?
    If you have changed your mind while already on a trip you can still get covered.
  5. Does the insurance have a claim excess?
    This is usually a minimum amount the insurance will pay (from 70€ to 220€) meaning that most expenses bellow that will come out of your pocket.
  6. Do you need to pay for your expenses or the insurance takes care of it?
    There are mainly two types of travel insurances, the ones that take care of all the deal without you having to worry about anything and the ones that let you do the hard job and refund you the money and expenses from it. Of course, the first ones are more expensive so here your budget enters the game.


The table below is just an orientation since there is LOADS of information that does not fit or it would be humongous, we tried to pick the most important coverages and information to give you an idea of what they offer but if you want to get more info head to their pages and read all the small print.

Most companies have about two or three insurances tiers starting by a basic product moving on to a more comprehensive one to a “luxury” one with everything you might need. We are going to compare the first tier but give a look at the second one since most of the time the price difference is not much and services increase quite a lot.

Best travel insurance - 2019 comparative

This as the prices for a week on the most basic insurances calculated for TWO people.
The table works much better on your lapton since there is a lot of info but if you are in your phone or tabled just slide to the right to see all the coverages.
7 DAYS 2 PAXWorld Nomads StandardWorld Nomads ExplorerChapka AssistTRUE VALUETRAVELLER PLUS
You pay upfrontNONOYES, With a limitYES, With a limitYES, With a limit
Excess Claim70€70€0€0€ (cheaper with a 125 pound excess)0€ (cheaper with a 35 pound excess)
Medical Expenses3,500,000€Unlimited200,000€2,500,000€11,000,000€
Stolen luggage1700€2,500€1500€1000€2,700
Delayed Luggage300€500€150€100€
Personal Liability700,000€1,750,000€4,500,000€1,000,000€2,200,000€
Legal helpIncluded in personal LiabilityIncluded in personal Liability1,500€10,000€27,000€
Death or Disability0€15,000€Up to 20,000€7,500€27,000€
Accompanying person3,500€3,500€800€--
Can hire while travelling?NONOYESYESYES
PRICE PER COUPLE56€63€56€113€122€

For trips to Europe Chapka has a Chapka Schengen option that covers non-eu residents at an unbeatable price, not on the table as is a pretty specific option.


Finally, the best travel insurance

We made a small selection of three different scenarios, go one by one to get all the info. We have compared prices for a trip excluding USA and Canada for two people age 31 and 35. If you decide to include these countries the prices will increase as will also happen the older you are.

Remember, some insurances are only available for EU residents.

Best travel insurance for a short trip (one month one more or less)

World Nomads travel insurance
Starts at 204€ for two people for a month trip on their standard cover (the one on the table) and goes up to 242€ for the Explorer coverage.

For a month trip World Nomads is the best alternative having in consideration the 70€ excess claim, If you want to be covered at all times then go for True Traveller.

True Traveller travel insurance
Starts at 215€ for two people for a month trip for their standard coverage (true vallue) and goes up to 242€ for the Traveller coverage but the most impresive is the Traveller plus coverage that cists only 247€ for two people.

For shorter periods than a month True traveller becomes really expensive but for longer trips is a great option including the clain excess at 0 which will cover you even in tiny emergencies (remember World Nomads will not cover you anything below 70€)

Chapka travel insurance
Starts at 192€ for two people for a month trip. Is the cheapest option of them but also the most limited one.


Best travel insurance for a three-month trip (or similar)

Here is where things start to get interesting as prices and services vary quite a lot between all the options.

World Nomads travel insurance
Starts at 497€ for two people for a three-month trip on their standard cover (the one on the table) and goes up to 547€ for the Explorer coverage.

True Traveller travel insurance
Starts at 343€ for two people for a three-month trip for their standard coverage (true vallue) and goes up to 400€ for the Traveller coverage and the Traveller plus coverage that costs only 428€ for two people.

As yo can see price difference starts to show up the longer the trip is, in this case True Traveller is my favourite choice and after travelling a year with them and making a couple of claims without issues I could not recommended more.

Chapka travel insurance
Starts at 348€ for two people for a three-month trip. Here Chapka loses in price with the cheapest coverage of True Traveller.


Best travel insurance for a six month trip

Price difference here starts to be painfully obvious.

World Nomads travel insurance
Starts at 845€ for two people for a six month trip on their standard cover (the one on the table) and goes up to 893€ for the Explorer coverage.

True Traveller travel insurance
Starts at 537€ for two people for a six month trip for their standard coverage (true vallue) and goes up to 649€ for the Travelller coverage and the Traveller plus coverage that costs only 730€ for two people.

True Traveller is again the cheapest option in the market with the best coverages (Chapka is cheaper but it does not compete in terms of coverage) these are the prices with the 0€ excess claim meaning you can reduce the price even more applying an excess claim of 125, 75 or 35 pounds.

Chapka travel insurance
Chapka Assistance only covers trips up to 3 months but offers a pretty competitive option with their Chapka Adventure for longer trips with similar coverages starting at 592€ for a couple.

Best travel insurance for long term travel and digital nomads

Once it comes to trips from one year or longer the price difference is exponential. In general the longer the trip the cheaper the insurance per month/day.


World Nomads travel insurance
Starts at 1627€ for two people for a three month trip on their standard cover (the one on the table) and goes up to 1779€ for the Explorer coverage.

True Traveller travel insurance
Starts at only 789€ for two people for a month trip for their standard coverage (true vallue) and goes up to 963€ for the Travelller coverage and the Traveller plus coverage that costs only 1069€ for two people.

True Traveller is again the cheapest option in the market with the best coverages, these are the prices with the 0€ excess claim meaning you can reduce the price even more applying an excess claim of 125, 75 or 35 pounds.  The price difference is more than the double compared to the World Nomads cover!

The True Traveller insurance can also be extended while travelling.

Chapka travel insurance
Chapka Adventure is priced at 1094€ per a full year cover for two people and is renewable up to 24 months.



What if I have a preexisting medical condition?

Well in that case i’m afraid your options are limited. Sadly the only insurance of the ones mentioned in this post offering coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is True Traveller.

At the very end of the listing you will find the option to add medical conditions, this will increase the price of your premium but it deppends on the condition itself so the best is to give them all the details and wait for their reply.


What if I’m travelling with my camera, laptop, drone or other equipment?

One of the main issues especially in long term travel is carrying with you all your electronics. These items are usually NOT cheap and, if you also work while moving, could be part of your main income source therefore the last thing you want is having a bigger issue in case of being robbed.

Luckily, besides the common baggage coverage on most insurances (which even if high includes a limit per item) you can also include valuable items such as your laptop, camera, drone and others.

In the case of the World Nomads insurance adding this on a 6-12 month trip increases about 20€ the price per item added.

You can also add valuables on your True Traveller insurance up to 900€ per covered item and three extra items for a pretty reasonable amount.

IN EVERY CASE keep in consideration these items still have a valuable limit (something between 500 and 900€, check the small print) and also theft without violence (or security like a locker or a closed car) is not covered. This is still not perfect but it’s a good thing to have in case you lose your equipment to start again.

Also, please read the limitations on the covers if any, some insurances only cover certain items or only of a certain age.


Clarifying wrong ideas about travel insurances.

Here I’m just going to go one by one on some things you should know before getting a travel insurance since they are common misconceptions.

The Bali tattoo

If you have travelled southeast Asia you know is everyday life to rent a motorbike to move around, what you probably don’t know is that MOST insurances won’t cover you in case of an accident if you do not hold the proper driving license for that vehicle in your home country.

Is called the Bali tattoo as is told: “you have not been to Bali if you haven’t fallen from a motorbike” and you will see people with burn skin all over the place. So, as much as I’m not here to tell you not to do it (we have also rent bikes), you need to know you might not be covered.

Special coverage for certain countries

If you are travelling to some “conflictive” areas such as Iran or Pakistan then you need to make sure your insurance is going to cover you. While our trip tru central Asia only True Traveller covered us while our beautiful two month stay in Pakistan.

Make sure you contact your insurance before pushing the “buy” button



There you go! all we know is also know all you know. We hope this post help you out when searching for alternatives and deciding what travel insurance to take in your incoming trip. Remember to show love by using the links on this article. If you have any questions, opinions or comments feel free to use the comment sections to help other travellers.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Thanks foe the detailed review!

    I’m looking at travel insurance myself but struggling to find a good one. My problem with Truetravelller is that they don’t cover missed connections after the initial flight (what I’m most worried about).

    Any suggestions for travel insurances that also cover missed connections?

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      As far as we know True Traveller covers some missed connections:

      You are covered up to the limit shown for reasonable additional accommodation (room only) and public transport travel expenses (Economy class) necessarily incurred in reaching your overseas destination or returning to your country of residence if you fail to arrive in time to board any onward connecting public transport on which you are booked to travel, including connections within your country of residence on the return journey home”

      Is not all of them but is something.

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