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One of the most difficult desitions before travelling is to choose the damn travel insurance. Some people even decide to go without one but, to be honest, is not something we recommend. We have known cases of accidents while travelling developing in major issues for the traveller and the family, so please, if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones.

On our first trip around South America, we also had a major issue, our equipment, so besides having to find an insurance to travel we also needed something that made us feel safe with our belongings, and most of the travel insurances don’t cover many valuable items. On 2013 we could sort the issue getting a travel insurance from WorldWideInsurance for 400€ per person plus an equipment travel insurance from Photoguard at 280€ (prices for a 6-month coverage). But Photoguard is only allowed to be considered for United Kingdom residents and this time we are Germany residents so that was a no-go zone.

We are glad we had this issue since this made us search for other possible options for our imminent trip to Asia. To be honest, wasn’t easy, but after months and months of research, we found what we think could be the best travel insurance of our times.

The best travel insurance, for long and short trips

After long research, we finally found the True Traveller site and insurances. True traveller also covers 3 valuable items up to 750 pounds each and improves radically the coverage of our last insurance. Also, it has a couple of really interesting points for all kind of travellers that we would like to stand out.

  1. You can get your insurance even if you are already travelling
    This is super important as we mentioned, some people leave without one but change their mind on the way and then it’s nearly impossible to get covered. This is actually the only company we found with this option
  2. You can increase your coverage in the middle of your trip
    If your trip will be longer than you expected you can extend your coverage for the same amount of time with a discount.
  3. You can hire this coverage with a one-way ticket
    Yap, amazing.

We were convinced.

Comparisons are almost always odious, but let’s go to them to explain better what we mean, we will use one of the best known and advertised travel insurance, World Nomads

It’s pretty common you find WorldNomads as the main insurer around, this is also related to the big commission they offer to bloggers (aha) and in fact, was also one of the first insurances we decided to give a look.

We would like to clarify we are not familiar with the quality of service from WorldNomads and indeed could totally be is a really reliable company. We are just here to compare what we could see from an outside point of view giving a look to opinions, reviews, prices and policy details.

To do so we are going to use our budget,

Budgeted time 12th of April of 2017 to 12th of December of 2017 = 8 months
For two people (29 and 31 years old)
Travelling to: World excluding EEUU

World Nomads Vs True Traveller


Travel insurance in comparison

Let’s give a look to the standard insurance

Medical Expenses: Up to 3,5 million €
Personal Liability: 700.000€
Lawyers: 0€
Accidental Death: Not included
Dental pain relieve: Up to 250€
Repatriation:  Up to 350.000€
Companion repatriation: Up to 3500€
Baggage cover: 1700€
Adventure sports: Not high risk

We have included the same items we included on our True Traveller insurance but here the maximum per item is 700€. This will give us a total of 1258€ per two people.


El mejor seguro de viaje

Let’s give a look to the standard insurance

Medical Expenses: Up to 5 million pounds
Personal Liability: Up to 2 million pounds
Lawyers: 15.000 pounds.
Accidental Death: 10,000 pounds if death, 15,000 if disability.
Dental pain relieve: Up to 350 pounds
Repatriation:  Up to 5 million pounds.
Companion repatriation: Included, as the policy states, reasonable expenses for accommodation and economy travel class.
Baggage cover: Optional, we included it on the price, up to 2000 pounds.

Overall limit£2,000£75
Valuable items limit£350 in total
Single item limit£250
Money and documents£650£75
Cash limit£250£75
Passport and visas£250£75
Delayed luggage£40 for every 12 hours up to £120£0

We included extra coverage for 2 valuable items up to 450 pounds each (you can go up to 750 pounds each in the last and most expensive insurance option for 830 pounds per two people.
Adventure sports: Optional, not included in this price (just not high risk)

A plus we also found here is the Curtailment, this means your expenses will be covered if you have to go back home for death or hospitalisation of relative but also if injury, serious illness and death of any business partner or travel companion. Also in case your travel place or home has become inhabitable or the policy needs your presence after a robbery. This covers up to 3000 pounds.

The amount we paid was 784€ for both for 8 months insurance, that’s nearly 500€ LESS than the WorldNomads insurance. If you opt for the most expensive and much better insurance from True Traveller you will pay 950€ still 300€ less.

So, in summary, we are truly in love with True traveller and we are convinced it must be the best travel insurance around. Ah, ye, we forgot. The WorldNomads insurance includes a 70€ Excess per claim, the True traveller includes a 75 pounds Excess per claim but we have chosen the option to 0 pounds Excess per claim in the prices shown.

As everything we mention on this website we do it from the heart and not thinking in commissions, we like to recommend services we use and we trust and in fact, this is why it took us so long to make a travel insurance post because till now we were never sure.

We have looked up at the True traveller reviews and opinions and they are by far the best online, most important, the people that needed to make a claim is also speaking roses about them. Also is important to mention, we needed some support and asked stupid questions before buying and they always replayed in a 5 minute time period which is just amazing.

So, if you are as convinced as us please book your insurance following the links on this page, we will get a commission that will not affect your price at all and will help us to keep this project alive.

Finally, the True Traveller insurance can be hired if you are a permanent resident (or national) in the EU.

We will continue updating this post. Leave your comments and questions below.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Thanks foe the detailed review!

    I’m looking at travel insurance myself but struggling to find a good one. My problem with Truetravelller is that they don’t cover missed connections after the initial flight (what I’m most worried about).

    Any suggestions for travel insurances that also cover missed connections?

    Thanks a lot!!

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