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Are you thinking about visiting this beautiful city but you don’t have many days or idea what to do? Well, let me give you some local advice. Keep in mind here you won’t find the already spoiled -and well known- Sagrada familia or La Rambla.. Here you will find my best solutions to known this lovely place avoiding “too many people”

1- Walking route from The Raval to El Born

Barcelona is extremely small, don’t be afraid of walking it and I assure you will enjoy the most authentic city, get lost in the narrow streets. If you don’t have any idea here is a map with a 4 km route to follow crossing the 3 “Ciutat Vella” neighbourhoods and stoping at the most iconic and historic points. Following Google advice you will take 53 minutes walking but if you really want to stop everywhere I recommend to take a whole morning to not be always on a rush.

Ruta por barcelona

All this area is relatively touristic but a lot of people don’t have any idea where are they walking to and end up walking the ramblas up and down as everyone else. Let me tell you, I lived in this area for more than 6 years and I hate the ramblas with all my heard and I love the narrow dark streets full of surprises.

2- Bunkers del Carmel

Some time ago this was like going on and adventure, and honestly, it was better. After some refurbishment has become a more “recommended place” since is not anymore full of graffitis and dodgy people -which was part of the charm-

The bunkers are from the Spanish civil war and were resaturated only 6 years ago, now there are easy access stairs to it and you can reach them with a bus ride from the city centre. (Bus V17)

Not long time ago here were the last “Favelas” from the city and it was and still is one special place to enjoy the best views.

Vistas desde el Parque guell

3- Park Guell

Yeh, ok, this is not far away from the tourist multitude but it’s definitely worth it. A few years ago the entry was free, nowadays costs 7 euros per person. Is still a magical place with incredible sculptures mixed with the environment. Give a long walk and get lost around the park if you have the time.

The last hour to entry is 8pm, open till 9 pm in summer, you can check all the timetables and prices here

4- Horta Labyrinth

Sure you haven’t heard about it, What is it? Well, a Labyrinth 🙂 just as the one in the movie. Its a particular place and experience and is usually not known, sometimes not even by locals. If you have some extra time after all the touristing stuff get yourself a bus a go there.

The entry fee is 2,35€  and allows you to stay inside 60 minutes -well, thats what they recommend so everyone can enjoy the place without being packed- Sundays the entry is free (bam!) and its open from 10 am till 8 pm, during winter it closes one hour earlier.

PLaya Ocata

5- Enjoy the sea as its supposed.

If yo want to enjoy the sea -for real- without being 2cm closer to the next person then take a train from Cercanias (Plaza cataluña) to Ocata. It will take you less than 20 minutes and you will reach a beautiful sand beach where all the city people uses as a scape.

The Ocata beach is located in Masnou, a small town a little north from Barcelona and is one of the preferred destinations since is close to the city and beautiful. A minute in Ocata is worth more than 2 hours in any Barcelona’s beach.

To know the train schedule you can do it here

Barcelona Puerto olimpico

So, what do you think? give it a try to this alternative touristic advice and let me know your thoughts 😉


He llegado desde muy lejos con mis trucos, mis complejos, Una maleta llena de trastos y un cuaderno lleno de cuentos. Soy la mitad de este viaje.

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