Accommodation guide

Accommodation guide


Hotels, hostels and guesthouses

Hostels are one of the most common choices for solo travellers with a lower budget. However, outside of Europe prices are not always the most affordable. Hostels usually have shared rooms of various sizes but sometimes they also offer private rooms with plenty of services. They are a great place to meet other travellers.

Guesthouses are usually family-run business, much smaller and humble. Usually, they offer private rooms with private or shared bathroom and sometimes breakfast. They are our favourite choice outside of Europe. 

It’s important to remember a lot of these are not even on the internet this means e are used to not always book our nights beforehand.  

Hotels are a higher-level establishment with a bigger variety of services. They most lifely come with a bigger private room with private bathroom and breakfast. Quality of these services will depend on the star rating. 


This is usually an interesting option for slow travellers especially if they are looking to have total independence. 

Airbnb offers rooms in local apartments or full houses. Most of these accommodations are owned by particulars (more a more this is not the norm sadly). This means you will have all the services you will have at a normal house such as kitchen, internet and shared building services like pools or gyms. 

We use it quite a lot in Europe because of its ease of use. You can find here a 30€ coupon for your first reservation. 



Housesitting is a very interesting option for slow travellers searching for independence but at the same time a small taste on the local lifestyle. 

Basically, you will take care of a house or pets of someone else that is travelling so for example if a family from Barcelona leaves for a month to France and can not take their dog with them they would search for a person or couple to take care of their dog and house in Barcelona while they are away at no cost.

This way you can enjoy having a base and furry company in a city where accommodation would be too expensive for you to stay for such a long time. 

The platform is paid annually and there are options for all kinds of people, from 3 days to months. Most of the offers are in Europe and the US but the offer and demand are growing all over the world. 

If you fancy to try it here you have a 20% discount. 


We used Worldpackers in the past and is a good way to start travelling even when you have little money. This way you can exchange accommodation for working time. the great thing about this exchange is that you can find a lot of variety and for all kinds of people, for example, I used to search for more computer jobs like marketing or web design help while Jesper would prefer kitchen jobs.

The platform is easy to use and quite cheap like in other cases you need to have a membership to be able to contact the hosts, the membership is 49 USD a year. With a single stay, it would be already worth it.

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Guest To Guest AND Homexchange

Home exchange is another very common way to travel trying to reduce accommodation costs, is as simple as its name tell us. You leave your flat in Berlin and exchange it for a flat in Paris during the holidays.

Home exchanges could be two types, reciprocal or not. The first case is the one we explained above, the second one allows you to fish form a bigger pool, so if you have a flat in Berlin you will go to a home exchange in Paris but the Paris family will be in a home exchange maybe in Barcelona or simply at their holiday home. In this case, they will accumulate points to use during another trip.

If you join Guesttogest following this link you will get 100 points to start.


This one was one of our favourites at the start of our travelling life. People from all over the world is offering either accommodation or company to travellers, this way you can save a lot of money and get to know the local lifestyle from the best hands.

If you want to use Couchsurfing do not see it only as a free pass, see it as a cultural exchange and then you will make the most of it. To be able to have some possibilities you should also have hosted people at your place and have a decent profile with as many references as possible.