What we were, what we are and what we want to be…

We believe in...

We live a relatively simple life, or at least we try. We travel the same way because travelling full time is part of our life.

We believe in slow travel and slow life. We love stories, languages and people lifes. You can see some of them at #ElViajeSonLasPersonas

We are nor about...

We do not colect things or places, we do not cross or count countries, we are not living in a constant race and we don’t do it for the gram.

You can find us...

A 16 hour train or bus ride
Eating in a local market
A small and family guesthouse
A 20 km hike to a remote place or simply snorkeling with turtles.

We pay all this

We are not swiming in money neithe have inherited a fortune. We work while we travel, a big chunk of that time goes to this blog but also to our digtal marketing agency comando-t and Valen is part of the founding team of htb.marketing.

I arrived from far away with my tricks, my advices, a bag full of things and a notebook full of dreams.

I’m Valen, I’m mostly the one that writes in this blog. English is not my mother tongue so please forgive me for the butchering. I was born in Colombia 33 years ago, life and time made me also Spanish (passport and heart-wise). I’m the technical part, the web and the budget.

I studied graphic design but life brought me to digital marketing and I ended up working in a multinational. Today I have my own marketing agency and share my adventures here.

Estudié diseño gráfico aunque nunca terminé la carrera. La vida y sus vueltas me llevaron al marketing trabajando en una multinacional. Hoy en día y desde hace 5 años tengo mi propia agencia de marketing digital. Te cuento mis aventuras y desventuras desde aquí.

Jesper is 34 and was born in Germany, he says he “Habla egpañol sin accento” (speaks Spanish without an accent, which is obviously a lie). He is the logistics, the planning, the itinerary and the human stories.

He has a superhuman power to connect to people, he likes cooking, hates google maps because he likes surprises and has 3 Instagram accounts because he always forgets the passwords.

Jesper studied social work and talk to anybody even without saying a word, has infinite patience and seems to enjoy working with wood.

After less than a year of being together, we decided to star ta long route trough South America, since then we have bought a flat and refurbished with our own hands, we started a business, we travelled through Asia with no return ticket and we have a frustrated attempt of doing the same in Africa. Life ha not been boring.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Our story

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