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Thigs bloggers should tell you but they never do…

We imagine that at this point you have already passed through several travel blogs and Instagram accounts in your life. If so we are happy, that means we are filling the world with illusion and desire to break borders. However, something that started many years ago as a simple travel diary (or like hundreds of travel diaries), nowadays is a lucrative business and in many cases pretty dark and unregulated legally… not only for bloggers but also for tourism companies.

We want to clarify some things because we have been doing it for a long time and we believe that it is necessary that as readers you are up to date and see a transparent and clean relationship. Unfortunately, as bloggers and readers of other blogs we are, we know this doesn’t happen often.

That’s why we want to be transparent with you because you are the only reason we keep doing this.

Let’s go 😉


This blog is not under any exclusivity agreement and our opinion has never been or will be affected by such or by any company.

Here we tell you what we want as we see it. Many blogs have exclusivity agreements that prevent them from talking about competitors when talking about a service. While we have been sponsored and invited by companies we always clarify it in the text or at the end of each article.
These agreements never, never (let me repeat, NEVER) have had any effect in our opinion, that if you know us and read us since this madness started more than 5 years ago, you will know that when things are not beautiful we also tell you so.

This blog has affiliate links to generate income, but we never recommend a product or service based on its commissions.

Affiliate links are nothing more than links that, in case of you making a purchase of that product or service, will give us a small commission. These links do not report any kind of extra spending for you and on the other hand, help us keep this project that has taking so many hours of our life.
All the products or services that we recommend are products we have used, tested and we love. If that’s not the case  (not having tried it but for example, have wanted to do it) we leave it always clear next to that link or mention. In the case of some services such as tours or accommodation, we use the platform but that does not mean we hall used ALL the options listed in them.
As we said in the statement, we do not promote only products based on their commission, if a product does not offer us commission and we use it and we love it we will mention it. 
Affiliated links are a way to generate an income for all the invested time, not a way to make us rich at the expense of deceiving anyone and never will be.

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All our content is own, original and based on real experiences.


We will not tell you about 10 things to do in Lima just because there are people looking for it. We will not talk to you or show you countries or cities where we have not been.

We’ll keep doing this until we do not lovet, get tired or life comes on the way.


This blog is an extension of ourselves, and as in our life we have certain codes of behavior and moral, we also have them on this platform and on all our social networks.

All our collaborations or sponsorships are marked as such and in case of you having any doubt, we will answer honestly to all your questions, without having our commercial relationships get on the way.


Thank you for being here all these years, you are the engine that moves this site and the only reason we continue doing it.

See you on the route!

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