The world is full of adventure, smiles, landscapes and incredible people. We travel to satisfy our curiosity, to hear stories that make our hearts bump and leave us breathless, to be surprised every day and to remember we are just a little piece in this huge machine. We travel to show there is more that unites us than divides us.

But on top of everything, we travel to enjoy life

There is a sentence in Spanish that says “Todos necesitamos un poco de sur para no perder el norte” which means something like: we all need to enjoy life to not lose our mind.

We want to show you that sometimes the path to follow is not the one the compass marks.


As you can tell by the title, this blog’s main language is Spanish so please forgive us if you find mistakes and feel free to drop a message if you find something wrong.
There are only a few entries translated to English and we are working on having more, but if you are curious, have a rush and can use google translate then head to the Spanish version of this site 🙂

Un poco de surUn poco de norte

We are Valen & Jesper,
A Colombian-Spanish/German couple (what a mess eh?)

We have been travelling full time for the past 3 years while we share our adventures in this humble blog.

If you want to know a little bit more about us or about our way of travelling then stay and continue reading.

Sobre un poco de sur