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Mochileros en Cabo de la vela
How to reach El Cabo de la Vela

  We spent some days in La Guajira enjoying some friend’s company in the middle of a typical Wayuu town. It was a pleasure to see the days pass with them while…

What to do in Pakistan capital city Islamabad

Islamabad is Pakistan’s bureaucratic capital, in fact, it is a planned city. Do you know Brasilia? Well, something like that, although this time at least has not been left out opposite to…

How to get your Indian Visa in Tehran

Visas are the worst, a no end of paperwork that slows us down constantly and costs us a lot of money (and we have just started) it is possible that we have…

Sim card en Iran
How to buy a sim card in iran.

Staying longer in Iran? Your life will be much easier if you have a local SIM-card. Connecting to new friends or enjoying 4g [or 3g] to be independent from WiFi. It isn’t…

Bolonia mochileros
City guide: What to do in Bologna in 3 days.

Our days in Bologna and around the Emilia-Romagna region were incredible, being honest we never imagined we would fell in love with one of the most “unknown cities” in Italy. We put…

Mochileros en Bogotá
What do to in Bogotá

We loved Bogotá, and myself as bogotan born had a small image of what could I expect from the city but, to be honest, after 13 years everything was shiny new.  Jesper…

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