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There are some apps that go with us wherever we move and, to be honest, are incredible helpful. The following list is a personal opinion on our most recommended apps carry with you while you travel.

Best apps to travel

1- Xe currency
This is an incredible useful and simple application. I have my life in different countries and currencies so, this is my bible of money consultancy. you can have your own personalised list with up to 10 currencies and have the equivalences in all of them at the same time. Will allow you to keep control of your expenses wherever you are. The data updates daily and you can also see an historical graph of the currency situation on the last week, month or even year.

2- Evernote
Best travel notebook you can carry! You can synchronise it with your pc/mac app  or your just web account,  your notes will be always safe and accessible from any part of the globe.

3- All Budget
As the name states is about handling budget. If you are organised enough will allow you to control till every detail all your movements: how much was the coffee on the corner, how much was the bus ticket you just bought… Anything.  You can program weekly or monthly reports and summaries and devide all your expenses by categories. Thanks to All budget we were able to bring you this ultimate budget for a backpacking trip


4- LiveExpenses
Similar to the last one and easier to handle if you are looking for something less complicated.

This is the best app ever, ever invented. It will allow you to download mapps of every single place in the world, cities or whole countries and access them even with no internet. The GPS system on your smartphone will allow you to navigate and locate yourself in them making you feel all time the control of the situation, you will never get lost again. Even in the middle of nowhere this app have proven to be our saviour. I strongly recommend to buy the payed version, there you could search and locate some basic services such as gas stations, supermarkets etc… Also streets 🙂

6- Mobilytrip
A small social network created to share  your itinerary with other users. It allows you to add pictures, notes, keep a track of the route, review and give advise to other travellers. You will also have your own profile and daily advices chosen for you (and your location).

7- GoogleTranslate
Who does not know Google translate?
Simple and indispensable!

Any other you will like to add to the list?


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