Things bloggers should tell you but often don't

Our Ethics

At this point we assume you have been in several blogs and Instagram account, we are happy about it, that means you are being inspired and ready to take action and this makes us happy. However, something that started as simple travel diaries has become a lucrative business and in some cases barely regulated. This happens in all industries and on every social media.

We would like to mention this because we have dedicated the past 7 years to this project and we believe in transparency and honesty with our readers. Sadly we know this does not happen as much as we would like to.

That’s why here you will see a summary of our common practices, the things we do and we don’t to support this platform and our red lines in terms of commercial relations.


🙅🏽‍♀️ No exclusivity agreements

This blog is not under any exclusivity agreement and our opinion has been never and will never be affected by any company or brand.

Here we share the world as we see it.

💸 Affiliate earnings

This blog has affiliate links to generate income but we would never promote a service or company base on their comission.

This links do not mean any harm or extra expense to you and they help us to support this project.

💡 Original content

All of our content is original content, our texts are ours and our pictures are also ours. We show you what we see, not what is trendy, the places we talk about are places we have been in. 

💼 No hidden agendas

We will never promote a product or service only because it gives us some comission, if we use something and we love it you will also find it here. 

This blog is an extension of ourselves and like in life we have certain codes of conduct and ethics, this applies to this platform an all our social media accounts.

All our collaborations are tagged as such and in case of having any doubt, we will make sure we make it clear and will respond to your questions without allowing these commercial relations have an input in the outcome.

Thank you for being there all these years, you are the reason this site is alive after all this time.